What's New?.......Great news for Bonefire Tarot, an App and a New Deck in progress

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    Aeclectic Tarot Forum recently published the results of their yearly polls. Bonefire was voted number 7 in the poll of favorite 10 decks published in 2013!

Members and visitors to the site voted for their top deck from an eligible around 70 decks. As it's artist I was utterly delighted and a bit shocked. Though obviously divination is not a competitive sport, the shallow part of me loves to be in the top 10 and there is no doubt it has been pretty good for spreading the word about this self-published deck.

   There will shortly be a Bonefire tarot App. It is currently being developed by "Fool's Dog"- arguably the king of the castle when it comes to beautiful and functional apps. I will be proud to see Bonefire standing shoulder to shoulder with the wonderful decks they have available on their site. I do not yet have a release date, but it should not be long.


    My other news is, I have started painting again!

     THE WYRD OF SARAH HOWARD; is an oracle deck, I mean to finish the artwork within a couple of months; 70ish paintings, so I am working rapidly on this deck. 

   I try to paint one or two cards every day. though sometimes I can not, the images are being posted on Aeclectic tarot forum's, Deck creation forum. If you would like to follow it's progress the thread is titled 'The Wyrd of Sarah Howard". I am posting most days, so if you like the look of it it is worth following.

    TWOSH is an oracle inspired by a past life incite I was fortunate to encounter during the creation of Bonefire. It deals with past lives and the identification of passed on wounds and their role in slowing our personal evolution. There is obviously much more I could say on the deck. I will build a site for it when it is a little further along. 

  I have began to read Bonefire for the public!.....Crikey......It can be a heck of a chatty deck.

Generally, I am an intuitive reader- with other decks that is, but with Bonefire it's different. We are wired together, so much so that it sometimes screams at me. It is a constant revelation; cards were painted to fullfill a certain meaning, attributed before their creation, switch on me in readings finding new and surprising truths.......Who knew?

I mean to do email readings with Bonefire; they are coming soon and I will update here. 

I have launched a blog for Bonefire, but will soon be broadening it out to cover the many aspects of making a self-publishing Decks used in Divination. I am painting a lot right now and need to be disciplined if the blog is to prevail.

I am also now about on Twitter; @BonefireT

 There, I let Bonefire comment on the news of the day, using one or two cards. The deck loves this. It was created in the light of much obsessive research of the Truths and Myths of the Universe and is very at home amidst the throng of political intreigue and unexplained happenings.

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