The Bonefire Tarot deck

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Bonefire Tarot is a 78 card deck of original images, based on the Rider Waite Smith system.

The card dimensions are 100mm X 77mm

The card stock is 350gm matte laminate on both faces and the card backs are reversable.

Your Bonefire tarot deck will arrive in its own hand sewn felt pouch, decorated with a wooden Bonefire motif and the Bonefire Tarot LITTLE WHITE BOOK can be found inside.

NB The images on this page are a lower definition than the images printed on the Bonefire deck.


For purchase, pls send your Paypal email address to: or message for more information.

Bonefire Tarot is priced at $30.00 (AUS) + postage. 

   Just a note to say that my family and I are currently travelling to ever remoter parts of Australia. Internet is fast becoming a huge issue for me. Occassionly, only now and then I am able to read my messages. Far less than that can I get a connection long enough to respond. When I get to towns and libraries I sort out everything that I can.

I am never ignoring your correspondence, it it not in my nature to do so. I am just muted by no ability to reply. I  lose sleep over this issue.

The timing seems terrible and I under estimated how badly served certain parts of this great country are networked, but it is what it is. I have a choice . I either withdraw the deck from sale and resume when I get home in November or I carry on and can only offer ilmited customer service. I respond and send out decks as a priority when ever I can, though it may not seem so.

I value everyone who shows an interest in Bonefire. If you have enquired, you will get your response that is my word.

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