The Bonefire Tarot deck

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Bonefire Tarot is a 78 card deck of original images, based on the Rider Waite Smith system.

The card dimensions are 100mm X 77mm

The card stock is 350gm matte laminate on both faces and the card backs are reversable.

Your Bonefire tarot deck will arrive in it's own jute, drawstring bag and the Bonefire Tarot LITTLE WHITE BOOK can be found inside.

NB The images on this page are a lower definition than the images printed on the Bonefire deck.


For info, plse contact: for more information.

The self-published first edition Bonefire Tarot is sold -out. It will be reprinted by Schiffer Publishing sometime in 2016.



         I thought I would say that I have began ernest work on the hand book for Bonefire as the next printing of the deck will be made by Schiffer Books.

   Thus far I have made an extensive glossery of the symbolism of Bonefire, which I understand might be helpful and also written plenty for all of the cards. Typing and editing is next on the list. So, yet informal, but the truth of Bonefire as it was made.


  A huge thanks to you have bought the deck and liked what you have seen. The response has over-whelmed me....







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  1. Janet Berres avatar
    Janet Berres Jul 1, 2013

    I just ordered your beautiful deck! I can’t wait to get it! :-)
    ~ Janet

  2. Elizabeth avatar
    Elizabeth May 11, 2014

    I bought your deck as an app on android and so taken with it I wanted a real copy to user not just collect. I love the vibrant colours, amazing can’t wait for it to cross the pond to me.