Bonefire Tarot Painting

Nov 10, 2013

@PeoplesVoice_TV #TPV #tarot #david Icke. Celtic Cross for David Icke's The Peoples Voice TV channe

   David Icke's new TV/radio channel launches today, right at the end of Mercury's  retrograde. People's Voice TV begins with a telethon.  I will support this venture And have been tempted to do a reading with Bonefire to see what it has to say about this ambitious venture.

The king of Wands is the card I chose for significator. As this actual painting was based on David this was the only choice. This latest foray proves he is worthy of the crown. The irony of making this man royal was not lost on me.

The  small cross is formed by the 6 of cups crossed by the Sun.  

David is receiving much emotional support from his own past, this he is reminded of by the enthusiastic young people with whom he now surrounds himself. He is aware that while they work to please him, their energy and impetuous will be for their own good. Their help makes him emotional. he feels very protective towards them, exposing them to the bright sun yet not letting them leave the confines of the Garden. he knows the light can burn.

The Basis is the 10 of Wands.

David has taken a lot on and is being forced to delegate. It does not come naturally. While the work is spread out the responsibility remains his.

Passing now. Strength. This is a great card to back the new venture. he has been feeling strong and in control. He has harnessed the beastly side of his nature and learned how to engage to anger to work for him. it is his map. It shows him the truth.

Possible Outcome/ crowning. The Queen of Swords. He rules with cold sharp wisdom and yet like Strength he keeps his connection to nature and the planet, remaining firmly on the side of truth and peace. A born pacifist who is not afraid to burn the bones of those who cross him He has a distinct sense of justice.

The Immediate Future. Speaking of Justice And here she is. Ahead you can expect a bun fight. You will be vilified.. It will be important to maintain a sense of balance within yourself.. You are soon to be judged by your public. The first impressions will be important. close your eyes and stay centred and engaged.

Self. The Knight of Cups. Your feel young and pioneering again. You are carried by safe hands which you may trust. You feel very idealist- like much is ahead again. in your finest armor topped by your Mercurial Messengers Helmet youn are well prepared for what ever comes your way. Remain present and work in the moment. take care not to be dazzled by the Sun's hot light.

Environment/ family and Friends.  9 of Wands. There is a sense that you are surging out of the Darkness and many have lit the way to help you into the light. You have overcome much and are now greatly helped. You may now call upon a great many illuminated minds to show you the way. They ask you once again to be the torch bearer. Pychological wounds have scarred you, but right now you are strong.

Hope and Fears. 6 of Coins.  Your main worry is material support for your venture. Small donations only come your way. You worry they will dry up. practical side nags you a little. Very thing that comes in leaves again immediately. The card says that you may rely on charity as your donors see it as an investment. The money seeds to  be planted. A sustained influx will be needed if a harvest can be gathered.

Outcome . The 9 of Swords. As in outcome card this is not so sparkling. It indicates lost sleep and paranoia. In it his case it is grounded. dark forces dressed as good gather around you tis is a game of chess to them and your king is hunted. Royals, bishops, knights and their minions grow closer. You are hyper vigilant. This seems inappropriate to leave the reading here, so I drew another card.

The result. 5 of Swords reversed. For those that know. I don't do reversals this is significant as Bonefire is set up not to produce them. This one prevailed so I will read it reversed,

There will be a Bun fight. It is over ideas, but very emotional. You will be K O ed. On a very public stage. A prize fight. The defeat is vicious and ruthless. It is a hollow victory. The public turns away, not because they do not support you but because they are sickened and saddened. This will be the stage of your real victory. You will be picked, washed clean, propped up and your hand will be raised in Victory.