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    A painter since birth I tripped over the Tarot on my way to somewhere far more Three-dimensional. Symbolism has ever been my prefered method for creative communication. I make paintings to bring good luck; small beautiful objects to manifest good fortune for their owners. Typically given as gifts I often wonder whether the intention and energy withwhich I embue their making travels with them -it is rather tricky to measure.
Through "Bonefire Tarot" I attempt to flesh out these original good intentions. Each image gives concise yet open-ended guidance and will resonate personally with their owner.
    Recent times have seen me develop an appetite for transformation; I am not alone. The Tarot can be as instrumental as research. Painting is the best contribution I can make to awakening consciousness. The printed deck is available soon, which will have a broad appeal while not disappointing the Tarot Elite.
    The works I am exhibiting here are the original paintings for the deck. They are more fully realised and contain many elements which have been cropped for final publishing and are thus very collectable.
    Creating Bonefire Tarot is a very profound experience and it is still in the journey stage. Painting declares truth I am not brave to put into words. Synthesis of thought and learning though the action of painting is my intention I can but, try.  

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  1. Metal Queen avatar
    Metal Queen Mar 25, 2013

    A totally amazing and vibrant, original and unique work of art.I am pleased to know about Bonefire and will indeed share your web with friends.