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      I am delighted to announce that Bonefire was voted number 7 in the Aeclectic Tarot forum's poll of decks published in 2013. 

   If you would like to own your own deck. Click to enlarge one of the photos on this page and the "buy it now" button will take you straight to paypal.

The cost of Bonefire, shipped anywhere in the known world is $45.00 AUD.

" BONEFIRE TAROT;  Plundering Time and Space for Truth and Meaning. " 

A person in possession of one tarot deck must be in want of more tarot decks....... and if I currently have your attention, you must be a greatly evolved soul, of vast discernment and taste.....


I made BONEFIRE TAROT in the year or so which spanned 2011 to early 2013 and loved every moment of it.
I began with one painting, undertaken for a lovely young couple, in celebration of their nuptials. The painting was 'The Lovers'.
It was barely complete before I received my marching orders: I was to complete the Major Arcana and I was to begin immediately. When that was complete .....what could be more natural than to finish the job and make the whole deck.

I have always painted and made things; creatively manic and inconsistent and recent years had seen me dive headfirst into  the swirling waters of symbolism, mythology, allegory, religion, politics...... ( the list goes on a while ) until it reaches Tarot.

Tarot?..... Well, it has the lot.

BONEFIRE TAROT, the DECK is now available.

Please contact; 
bonefiretarot@hotmail.com or message for more information.

BONEFIRE TAROT -The Deck  is priced at $45.00 (AUD) posted anywhere in the world.

This includes 78 full colour cards, Little White Book, hand-crafted felt pouch with Bonefire motif.

This is the first print run of 500 decks, they are numbered and signed and selling fast.

If you would like to own your own BONEFIRE click on any of the three deck photos on this page, hit the 'buy now' and I will have a deck in the post, pronto......before you have the chance to change your mind.


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  1. Katherine avatar
    Katherine Jun 8, 2013

    I am so glad I bought a couple of these! I can’t wait till they arrive. Well done Gabi!!!!!!

  2. Gabi avatar
    Gabi Jun 11, 2013

    Hi thanks to you who have left these wonderful comments. The deck is now available to buy directly from me via this site. I can only do paypal right now. I do have some decks ready to go, and am happy to answer questions you might have about the deck.

  3. Donna avatar
    Donna Jul 11, 2013

    I just received my Bonfire Tarot and they are just beautiful, the LWB and handmade Tarot bag makes this the most special deck I own!  Thanks again Gabi, you are a wonderful artist!

  4. Adam McLean avatar
    Adam McLean Oct 22, 2013

    Great drawing style and delicious use of colour.
    I have put up a link on my tarot weblog


    I hope you get some good sales.