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BONEFIRE TAROT- the DECK is coming!

   Finally I am am able to announce a release date for the new and improved Bonefire Tarot deck......Now don't get too excited, it is still months away, but on November 28th 2016, (yes this year!) brand new decks will begin to circulate the globe, this time Bonefire is not alone, it travels in a box set with its very own companion book.

Schiffer Publishing  have already sent the details through to Amazon and Book Depository and pre-orders are already being taken.

Though I have yet to hold the new cards in my grubby little mits, the new edition will have bigger cards with smaller borders, something I was keen for as I have always longed to see the deck slightly bigger. In fact the publishers have been brilliant, working closely with my self-published deck to create the vision I had for the deck, making only changes at my request and where I too would have made them myself. So far it has been an educational and exhilarating experience and I  can not wait to show you the results.

  So if the good Creator preserves us- and the creeks don't rise, Bonefire Tarot and its book companion will find new life in November 2016, its new guardians are Schiffer publishing and we will all enjoy the reduced shipping costs and convenience of Amazon and Book Depository.

Thank you so much to those who already own Bonefire decks. Your feedback and support has been a-mazing. Some of you have even made videos walking through and reacting to the cards. I think I have watched all of them, every time cowering on the edge of my seat. thank you for being gentle.

For those who wander into this space and would like to own your own deck, but find Bonefire is still O.O.P, and have then perhaps even come again and again and found 'still no news.' Thank you for your patient stopping by, I wish it could be sooner, but know, the fresh edition is in the works and will soon be heading to the printing press where it may begin the long journey of becoming a strokeable, shuffleable, readable, ownable entity.

Role on November 28th 2016!

      Bonefire was voted number 7 in the Aeclectic Tarot forum's poll of decks published in 2013. 

" BONEFIRE TAROT;  Plundering Time and Space for Truth and Meaning. " 

A person in possession of one tarot deck must be in want of more tarot decks....... and if I currently have your attention, you must be a greatly evolved soul, of vast discernment and taste.....


I made BONEFIRE TAROT in the year or so which spanned 2011 to early 2013 and loved every moment of it.
I began with one painting, undertaken for a lovely young couple, in celebration of their nuptials. The painting was 'The Lovers'.
It was barely complete before I received my marching orders: I was to paint the Major Arcana and I was to begin immediately. When that was complete .....what could be more natural than to finish the job and make the whole deck.

I have always painted and made things; creatively manic and inconsistent and recent years had seen me dive headfirst into  the swirling waters of symbolism, mythology, allegory, religion, politics...... ( the list goes on a while ) until it reaches Tarot.

Tarot?..... Well, it has the lot.

BONEFIRE TAROT, the DECK is now sold -out.

Please contact; 
bonefiretarot@hotmail.com or message for more information.

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  1. Katherine avatar
    Katherine Jun 8, 2013

    I am so glad I bought a couple of these! I can’t wait till they arrive. Well done Gabi!!!!!!

  2. Gabi avatar
    Gabi Jun 11, 2013

    Hi thanks to you who have left these wonderful comments. The deck is now available to buy directly from me via this site. I can only do paypal right now. I do have some decks ready to go, and am happy to answer questions you might have about the deck.

  3. Donna avatar
    Donna Jul 11, 2013

    I just received my Bonfire Tarot and they are just beautiful, the LWB and handmade Tarot bag makes this the most special deck I own!  Thanks again Gabi, you are a wonderful artist!

  4. Adam McLean avatar
    Adam McLean Oct 22, 2013

    Great drawing style and delicious use of colour.
    I have put up a link on my tarot weblog


    I hope you get some good sales.

  5. Kashyap avatar
    Kashyap Nov 19, 2013

    Hi there!Pretty fabulous artwork. I have just paid for a copy of the Bonefire Tarot. Is there a possibility that I could select the serial number on my deck, and oh…do I get to pick what motif I want on the tarot pouch?

  6. Angela avatar
    Angela Nov 22, 2013

    Just wanted to say thank you. I received these cards yesterday and they are absolutely divine. They took my breathe away. I absolutely love them! The detail is amazing. Thank you.

  7. Beth M. Downs avatar
    Beth M. Downs Dec 17, 2013

    I am still planning on grabbing one of these but it’ll be after the 24th of December.  Thanks for putting one aside for me.  I am still VERY much intending to get one ASAP!